LSN is proud to announce its new Honorary Patron, Dame Judi Dench, CH, DBE

Dame Judi Dench

Raising awareness of lymphoedema, not only among healthcare professionals but also the general public, is an ongoing challenge. The LSN is always keen to explore every option available to us to help with this cause and so we were delighted when world-renowned photographer and co-author Gemma Levine, together with Professor Peter Mortimer, of the recently published book ‘Let’s Talk Lymphoedema’ was able to garner such amazing celebrity endorsements in the foreword of her book. One of those who contributed a supporting statement was Dame Judi Dench who Gemma has photographed and known for many years.

Gemma very kindly contacted Dame Judi to ask if she would be willing to be an Honorary Patron of the LSN and we are thrilled that she has accepted. Dame Judi is, as you would expect, extremely busy and already has many worthwhile charities that she supports so she will be unable to commit to helping the LSN personally but has agreed that we can use her name to raise awareness and to publicise the condition. This is a very generous offer and one that we were only too pleased and delighted to accept!! We are very grateful to Gemma, who is an Honorary Member of the LSN, for her assistance in facilitating this and to Dame Judi for offering her support.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Dunn



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LSN launches YouTube channel

The LSN has launched its own YouTube channel.

This video content is available free of charge to everyone, worldwide. You probably know that YouTube is a
 way people can share video content easily with others, it is simple to use and is a great way of letting the wider world know both about lymphoedema and the LSN. We hope to be uploading new videos over the next few months, starting with a short explanation of lymphoedema from our Nurse Advisor, Denise Hardy, and this will be followed by others, including advice about skin care, some of your stories and a view from the professionals. We will also be uploading a series of yoga videos in the New Year. We hope to be able to raise further funding to film some more videos in the near future and will keep you posted 
in a future edition of our newsletter, LymphLine.

Visit YouTube and search for Lymphoedema Support Network.

If you would like to make a donation
 to support this or other LSN projects
 you can donate online, by telephoning the office on 020 7351 0990 or by sending a cheque made out to the LSN to St Luke’s Crypt, Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NH.


Let's Talk Lymphoedema - The essential guide to everything you need to know

‘Let’s Talk Lymphoedema’ is a new book written by Professor Peter Mortimer and internationally published photographer and author Gemma Levine. It has been produced to help those living with lymphoedema by providing information and inspiration and features contributions from international experts, personalities and those with lymphoedema. Easy to read and packed full of information it can be purchased in both paper and kindle editions from Amazon and other booksellers.


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Continuing our work with General Practitioners

Being a General Practitioner (GP) in today’s NHS is not an easy task, appointment times are short, demand is high, extraordinary growth in medical knowledge, along with what we expect our GPs to know, is almost unachievable and many feel they run a real risk of being branded ‘Jacks of all trades and masters of none’.

It is sometimes all too easy for individuals and organisations to criticise GPs and whilst there is no doubt that many of our members have experienced difficulties in gaining a diagnosis or receiving treatment, the LSN believes that helping GPs to learn is a more productive route. We have a track record of success with our past projects in this area and we are hopeful that our latest venture will reap similar rewards.

We have commissioned a new e-learning module that builds on our previous BMJ module and will educate GPs about how to recognise lymphoedema, what initial tests should be done, when to refer to specialist services and how to support their patients when they are in self-management. As with our other e-learning module, GPs will receive Continuing Professional Development points when they complete the module and we will be able to monitor how many people have participated. This time we have chosen to maximise GP exposure to the module by collaborating with the Royal College 
of General Practitioners who will host the module on their website. Our grateful thanks go to Professor Mortimer, Dr Keeley and Denise Hardy, for all their help and support in the production of this module.

We would now like to ask you for your help in promoting the module to your own GPs. We have produced a cartoon post card which you will either have received in your Spring edition of LymphLine or can obtain by contacting the LSN office on 020 7351 4480. Please take one along to your GP next time you visit. Please do not make a specific appointment – they are busy people – or drop it into the surgery as it will probably end up in the bin! Just remember to take it along if you have reason to visit and ask your GP to take time to look at the module and encourage practice partners to do the same.

The module can be accessed by healthcare professionals, medical trainees and health care professional students at


Revised consensus document on the management of cellulitis in lymphoedema - December 2016

The revised consensus document is now available.

This document has been written and reviewed by a group of highly experienced lymphoedema specialists and makes recommendations about the use of antibiotics for cellulitis in patients with lymphoedema, and advises when admission to hospital is indicated.

The revised versions of the LSN fact sheets 'What is Cellulitis?' and 'Management of Cellulitis in Lymphoedema' are now available from the LSN office.