LSN Schools Pack

Although lymphoedema in children is one of the less common types please know that you and your child are not alone, The Lymphoedema Support Network currently support close to 100 families with children affected by lymphoedema. Membership is FREE and you and your child have access to all the same benefits of our adult members plus some specific age appropriate information.

Most significantly we produce three packs of information designed for you to share with your child’s school and out of school clubs. We have packs for pre-school, primary school and secondary school age groups as well as information specifically for young adults about to go on to further or higher education.

The packs include information about what lymphoedema is, how it may affect your child’s ability to participate in various National Curriculum activities, frequently asked questions and what to look out for in terms of cellulitis as well as activity sheets for your child.

The Lymphoedema Support Network also holds a directory of all those clinics in the UK that are able to support children and young people with lymphoedema and works closely with the Children’s Lymphoedema Special Interest Group (CLSIG) in trying to encourage better care for children and young people.