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By joining the LSN you are joining the largest lymphoedema community in the UK.

For just £20.00 a year (Free for children and £30.00 for overseas members) you will receive:

 Free access to a wide range of leaflets covering all aspects of living well with lymphoedema
 News about treatment innovations and research
 Quarterly newsletters containing articles from both experts and patients
 Free access to a range of online self-management videos

We also provide this frequently updated website, self-management DVD’s, social network communities, patient conferences and an information and support line.

What Your Membership Means for Us

The LSN receives no funding from the NHS or any other body. We are totally reliant on the generosity of our supporters to be able to continue to:

 Provide support and information to all those living with lymphoedema in the UK.
 Campaign for better services across the UK.
 Provide educational opportunities for GPs and other healthcare professionals.
 Ensure researchers consider the patient perspective in their work.
 Work with compression garment manufacturers to improve their products.
 Raise awareness of lymphoedema.

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