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The visual content of this DVD is enhanced by the professional contribution of the LSN's Patron, Zoë Wanamaker, who very kindly contributed her time to help with this project by recording the voice-over. The DVD provides an updated guide to self-treatment and aims to provide information that is easy to understand and that will encourage and motivate patients to carry out a daily self-management regime.

One of the main priorities was to produce a DVD that would be of special help to patients and for this reason, people living with lymphoedema were central to its production. Additional short interviews with Professors Peter Mortimer and Christine Moffatt provide useful introductory information that gives an insight into the clinical background of lymphoedema.

There are four separate sections covering: skin care, compression garments, simple lymphatic drainage (self-massage), exercises and activities.

A daily routine of skin care will help to keep the skin in good condition and prevent complications such as cellulitis. The skin care section shows a method that can be used.

There have been great improvements in the supply of compression garments over the last few years and this is a very welcome development. There is a section on how to put on and take off a sleeve as part of the daily routine. Also, some examples of the type of exercises and activities that can be done - and this includes tasks around the house!

Many people find that lymphatic massage is a very effective way of treating lymphoedema and everyone can be shown how to do this for themselves using a method called Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD). The aim of SLD is to redirect the lymph drainage away from congested areas into unaffected parts of the body where the fluid can drain away. 
The method shown in this DVD is based on gentle movements that create a slow skin 'stretch' to direct the lymph flow in a certain direction. The technique is easy to carry out and simple to understand and the DVD can be used as a prompt when working through the technique.

Some people should not use the DVD without first seeking medical advice. This includes people who are currently under investigation for cancer or who are in the early stages of treatment i.e. recovering from surgery, receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

The price of the DVD is £12 (inclusive of UK postage and packing).




 Hospital style medical alert bracelets are now available from the LSN.

The LSN has produced a useful plastic lymphoedema alert bracelet which is very helpful for patients who already have lymphoedema and need to go into hospital for any reason. It is also useful for those patients ‘at risk’ of developing the condition… and who wish to stay that way!

Wearing the bracelet during a stay in hospital will help to alert medical practitioners to the condition and will help to ward off unwanted attempts to take blood pressure readings and injections, etc. The bracelets have adjustable fittings and will fit most arm sizes. Should patients wish to wear a bracelet on a swollen leg, two bracelets can be clipped together.

The wording on the bracelet states: ALERT:LYMPHOEDEMA – No blood tests, blood pressure, IV access or injections in this limb except in a medical emergency.

Bracelets can be purchased from the LSN at £1 for one bracelet or £5 for six, including UK postage and packing.



stress ball

Those of you with lymphoedema affecting your arm will know that there are advantages to moving your hands in a pumping action regularly throughout the day. Many lymphoedema practitioners suggest a good way to do this is to use a 'stress' ball.

As part of our ongoing work to provide you with the tools necessary to self manage your condition, and to raise much needed funds for the LSN, we are launching an LSN ‘stress’ ball.

The balls are green and branded with the LSN logo. Even if you do not have lymphoedema of the arm but occasionally feel the need to relieve your stress, why not buy one knowing that you are supporting the LSN.

Each ball costs £3.75 including UK postage and packaging and all profit made will go directly to the LSN. 




The LSN awareness wristbands are a green silicone design with the wording 'LSN Lymphoedema Matters' debossed in white. They fit the average sized wrist.

Wristbands can be purchased from the LSN for £1.00 each, including UK postage and packing.



Wrist Warmers

LSN member and passionate knitter, Elspeth May, has provided the LSN with a knitting pattern for this season’s highly-desirable wrist warmers – a gorgeous and practical accessory. By buying the knitting pattern, you will not only be helping the LSN to raise funds, but you can also knit a unique garment for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family. We have been extremely lucky to have the support of Kerry Lord, the creator of the internationally-renowned Toft Alpacas. Established in 1997, her alpaca yarn and knitwear business grew out of the alpaca breeding enterprise run by her parents. Kerry has designed a wrist warmer exclusively for the LSN incorporating cable stitches – the kind of pattern on knitwear this autumn from the catwalks to the high street. For anyone who has never knitted with alpaca yarn, it is a gorgeous fibre, not unlike cashmere. As Barbara Albright says in The Natural Knitter, alpaca is "…a warm, soft and luxurious fibre that is an absolute pleasure to wear". The yarn from Toft comes in 12 natural shades ranging from a creamy white, through various shades of warm brown to dark charcoal grey. You can learn more about this and buy the yarn

The pattern is available from the LSN at a cost of £3.00 including UK postage and packing.


lymphoedema matters image2 smallThe LSN produce an awareness ribbon featuring the words Lymphoedema Matters and come as a fabric lapel ribbon in green with gold writing and are complete with safety pin.

They cost just £1.00 each


  bag1  bag2

Anyone who has been shopping in the UK since October 2015 will know that traders are now obliged to charge 5p for plastic shopping bags. If you would like to save some money, help the environment and support the work of the LSN, then why not purchase one of our re-usable, folding shopping bags.

The bags are made from polyester which is strong and water resistant and measure 390 x 420 mm, they easily fold up into the integral corner pouch making them easy to slip into your pocket or handbag. The bags are green with the LSN logo in white and feature long handles to facilitate easy shoulder carrying.

Bags are just £3.00 each, including UK postage and packing.


The LSN produces an on-going series of fact sheets covering a wide range of related topics including 'Swollen Feet and Legs', 'Upper Limb Lymphoedema', 'Skin Care', 'Holidays & Travel', 'What is Cellulitis?', 'Healthy Eating' and 'Lipoedema'. LSN fact sheets are written by health care professionals, with additional input from LSN Trustees and members; and are reviewed by the Charity's Chief Medical Advisor before publication.

The LSN has been awarded the Information Standard quality mark and all of our fact sheets for patients display the Information Standard logo. The Information Standard scheme has been developed by the Department of Health to help the public identify trustworthy health and social care information. To achieve the standard, organisations have to demonstrate that their processes and systems produce information that is accurate, impartial, balanced, evidence-based, accessible and well-written.

Fact sheets are free to members and a charge is made to cover publication costs and postage and packing for orders received from lymphoedema clinics and hospitals. Click here to download the order form.