Fundraising for the Lymphoedema Support Network

Fundraising for the Lymphoedema Support Network 

This article is taken from the Autumn 2018 issue of LymphLine, the LSN’s quarterly newsletter available to all LSN members. For details of how to become a member click here.

We recently promoted a fundraising event on our Facebook page and someone asked the very valid question ‘What do the LSN need funds for?’ – Needless to say, the reply from us was a very long one!

But it did make us wonder if others were asking the same question. The LSN receives no statutory funding from any sources, we are totally reliant on the income we receive from membership subscriptions, Corporate Sponsors, sales of our fact sheets, sales of advertising space in LymphLine, sales of our goods, donations and fundraising. We occasionally have legacies from members, donations in memory of people who have died and income from grant making trusts but they are rare. We also claim all the Gift Aid that we are entitled to.

We work hard to balance our books and the amazing work our unpaid Trustees and volunteers do helps immensely but the simple fact is, that without donations and fundraising from our supporters we simply would not be able to continue the work we do. This includes: supporting people with lymphoedema, educating doctors about the condition and how to treat it, providing information, supporting children and adolescents with lymphoedema, hosting patient conferences, manning our helpline, paying for access to online self-management videos, etc.

‘…without donations and fundraising from our supporters we simply would not be able to continue the work we do.’

To give you an idea of what the money that you raise for us can pay for

£ Our rent, rates and insurance cost us about £370 a week

£ Our postal bill (including sending out orders of our merchandise and fact sheets) is just under £360 a week

Not sure you can raise that much?

£ Our phone bill is £30 a week including our support and information line

£ We spend £5 a week to make sure that our volunteers can have a cup of tea and a biscuit while they work!

Confident you could raise more?

£ We spend about £1,000 a year offering free membership to children with lymphoedema

£ Just under £5,000 each year is spent to give our members access to 16 self- management online videos (if you have not called for your access code please do!)

Want a real challenge?

We are very keen to commit to creating a follow-up online learning module for General Practitioners in partnership with BMJ Learning. Our previous module dealt with the medical mechanics of the condition, the plan for our next is to focus on how to treat patients with the condition. We need to raise somewhere in the region of £50,000 for this, on top of our other work. This may seem a huge amount but since our previous module went live in 2011, 7,114 health care professionals from across 22 countries have completed the module, of which 4,767 are from the UK. With the initial spend and ongoing hosting fees this equates to about £10 per completer which is a fantastic return for our money. It should be noted that you have told us that raising awareness of lymphoedema amongst GPs is your number one priority and the BMJ Learning module has been our most successful and rewarding project.

To help you to help us, we have updated our fundraising pack and we would be delighted to send one to you if you get in touch on 020 7351 0990. So get baking, walking, swimming, dancing, knitting, celebrating, quizzing and remember that every penny that you can raise for us not only helps us to keep doing what we are doing but also helps us to reach our aim of commissioning a new online learning module to ensure that others like you are able to be diagnosed and treated quickly!