Self-Management Videos

For many people, Self-Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) is a valuable tool for lymphoedema management. It is a gentle form of massage that aims to move lymph fluid from an area that is congested to one that is more able to process the fluid; there are many different techniques. In the LSN book ‘Your Lymphoedema – taking back control’ we have a whole chapter dedicated to SLD with photographs to illustrate the movements. The method illustrated in the book is based on the newest method of SLD, the ‘Fill and Flush technique’ and we have produced a series of four videos that back up the information in the book. Each of the four videos features SLD for people living with lymphoedema in different parts of the body; one for the head, face and neck, one for the torso and breast, one for the legs and one for the arms and they feature real patients and the excellent team from Kendal Lymphology.

The videos are free to watch as many times as you like and can be seen on our YouTube channel on this link.

SLD YouTube videos

A series of 16 online self-management videos, initially funded by Welsh Government, have been made by Lymphoedema Network Wales, the group of health care professionals leading lymphoedema care in Wales, and were produced by eHealth Digital Media.

The videos are informative and practical, aimed at giving information directly to those living with lymphoedema, they also include first-hand experiences from people living with the condition.

Here is a taster and the other videos can be viewed at

Please ignore the instructions in the taster to ask your GP for access.