LSN Book: Your Lymphoedema – taking back control


The LSN’s book covering all aspects of lymphoedema and its management.

The aim of our book is to not only cover information about lymphoedema but to try and answer the types of questions we are asked on a regular basis.
The content is wide ranging and includes the key elements of lymphoedema care, right through to a chapter explaining what people need to know about surgical options; chapters on breast and torso lymphoedema, as well as head, face and neck, and genital swelling, lymphoedema in pregnancy, young children and teenagers have also been included. The book also has a photo guide to the latest techniques in Self Lymphatic Drainage (SLD), with sections on arms, legs, breast and chest, and face, head and neck, showing people exactly how to carry it out. As far as the LSN is aware, this is the first time this type of information has been published in a book such as this!

The book is A5 in size, printed in full colour and has over 100 images. The cost of the book is just £18.50 including UK postage & packing.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept overseas orders.

Please allow 21 days for delivery.